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Dragon Nest M PH - Welcome Post and Introduction

Greetings. . .

Welcome to my blog of Dragon Nest M PH. I am not a fan of this game before, but as I see now, its been a refreshing to me ever since playing MOBA games.

I've been looking for a good MMORPG game to play for about months now. Then my friend informed me that the new DN has been released. At first, I am not willing at all.

I think for a days and he said that the game was more amazing than the other DN mobile version has released more early.

So, after reading all of the feedback from other players, I've been interested and look to check the game out.

And for playing it for two weeks now, I can say, totally amazing. It catches my interest again playing an MMORPG.

I'm using iPhone7Plus, and it really do fits to all its needs. But I put everything to low, so that it wont  consume my battery that much. You can see it in my screenshot that it was totally pixelated.

Anyways, I'm currently at level 26 and leveling is really very easy. Soon, I will going to put up all my experience about the game and will keep on working for some Dragon Nest M tips, tricks, hints and walkthrough guides.

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