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DN M News: Wedding Packages Expires on 16th May

The most selected choice to buy a set will going to expire tomorrow 16th May. One of our contributors of Dragon Nest M PH already bought his Wedding Set at current price 3880 diamonds.

Wedding Pack - 4903 diamonds less 15% contains Wedding Dress Costume Pack* 1 and Luxury Marriage Certificate* 1
Wedding Flower Pack - 405 diamonds less 10% contains Red Rose* 100, White Rose* 50 and Blue Maid* 10
Wedding Dress Costume Pack - 3880 diamonds contains a Permanent Wedding Dress Costume Set and S-Grade Costume Redeeming Coupon x3.

Meet FrozenFlames a Sorceress class. At level 31 somehow increased his BP up to 59601.

1 comment:

  1. Are we able to obtain this in the future ? Or will this never appear again ? Also, is it possible to obtain this by combining costumes ?