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DN M News: Kali Released Today

Good news to all Kali fans. When I wake up in this morning, a new patch note for Dragon Nest M - Sea. I almost forgot that today was the release of Kali class. In my recent post about Kali's preparation, I did mentioned that Kali released by today. Please read the patch of New Class Kali update - 5/24/2018

After updating the DN M App IOS. I did create a Kali class to take a look whether she does going to be OP or did DN M maintain the balance for each class.

I can say that this new class was very sexy, and skills are amazing. Since she was a dancer, here appearance do makes her perfect in the eyes.

I did received a new mail from DN M in-game, and for some reasons they are giving more advantages to the entire server user to gain  the greatest opportunity to get extra 50% diamonds for the first time recharge.

Attached to this mail where, 50,000 Gold, 100 DC and 99 Flowers.

This patch was a bit huge since DN M releases the new class. So, for those who love this dancer, it is time to do your dancing experience into the next level.

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