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DN M Guide: Tips For Warrior Class Leveling [1-20]

Greetings Adventurer!

Dragon Nest M is the current most played MMORPG in mobile now. And as a fan of this game, being and adventurer is one of the best past time for stress people in work like me. I do a workaholic type of a person. If there's something that I really wanted to do, I cannot help myself. Now, ranking and achieving the DN M top 100 Ladder what I'm currently aiming of. But of course, you need to go leveling up and make your class as stronger as possible. 

Start and keep going. When you finally decided to pick and build warrior class, start tapping quest right away. On the first stage, you will be using a warrior class Barbarian on the teaser mode. There, you can see how cool the Zodiac Set (Wings, Tail and Tattoo) and amazing max level 45 skills. My first create was doing some wrong things that I really don't know what was the items or skills like but don't worry and keep reading.

Keep doing quests. After you finish the first part, you will wake up on a very long day. You will be in the starting town and proceed the DN M storyline quests. Main quest are the most important at this stage. It is very easy, just continue to tap quests and finish all of them until you get the last stamina.

Stamina is limited. On the other side, this is really what the game makes so lousy. But the bright side, it is goo to control the players addiction to fishing the game story in a short days. Meaning, you need to wait for the next day, and other day, and another day to refill your stamina in daily bases. (but my solution to my addiction playing DN M over the day, I created all the classes in one server. Then I managed to make them up to level 20 plus in just one single day. Not bad for a solution.)

Every level skill point counts. Always be reminded to add up and apply your skill points to upgrade your skills. This will helps you the gain more damage and to increase your BP (battle points) to qualify to each dungeon quest. Take not that normal quests only required level for qualification to achieve the stages.

Gear up your character. In each stage you finished, you will get items and upgrades. Items that will increase and improve your stats and BP. Always enhance your set specially your weapon to clear as early as possible those enemy spawn.

Level 14 checkpoint. Take note also, that next level of 14 is way more easy to finish due to side quests will be soon applied. This level will unlocked the Guild menu, there are many exciting things to do in the guild. And this is also the start for you to have first or more friends in-game.

The Specialization. It is more advisable to finish up the character special masterpiece. At level 15, you will get the specialization quest an the point where to choose between two type which so called 2nd job. As a warrior, I will be choosing Sword Master or Mercenary. (I will make separated post regarding with these part.) The trick to finish right away for this stage is just simply do unlimited switching clash type. How? very simply and crazy, tap 1st class and do special skill, tap 2nd class and do special skill.. Special skills has more damage than the other skills. So just take advantage on unlimited switching technique. I did this due to that I already experience it in so many classes that I already made and for just an hour, I manage to get to level 20 that fast.

The skill points arrangements of skill levels tips. Take note that before level 30, you are able to reset your skill points to rearranged your skill stats. Otherwise, you need to spend 50DC (dragon coin) each reset. So you can just do what ever needs to add it is fine since you still have the ability to reset unlimited before you turn 30.

More options and menu's are coming. From level 15-20, new menu's are unlocked and offered to you. I don't suggest you to spend that much, unless you have some extra money in your pocket.

At the first, you do have that small amount of money, go and take the 1st Top-up pack couse it is wort it. Getting the wings is amazing. Not that high enough stats but it helps you to finish dungeon quest. And of course, you will be happy to see your character as an angel.

If you find this post helpful, thank you very much. But if you think still lack or missing something, don't worry, just let me know in the comments section and I will love to do the necessary changes to improve each post that I made here in DN M blog.

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