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DN M Guide: Sorceress Skill Build Guide

The Sorceress

Known as a child prodigy among magicians hated and despised by humans, the Sorceress was expected to become the greatest of her kind. Instead of bringing peace and prosperity to the land though, she turned her back on her destiny and lost herself in gambling. Now she battles monsters to collect the gold to pay off her gambling debts while being unaware that destiny is not so easily thwarted.

Medium ranged spells.
Can move while using their basic attack.
Can inflict a variety of status ailments.


----Elementalist---- Aka. Elemental Lord
Wielding a variety of elemental attacks at her disposal, an Elementalist is able to freeze an enemy in the midst of battle, or create flaming explosions at her will. Elementalists have just as many status ailments to go with their elemental attacks, as every skill has a potential to inflict some sort of ailment. Unfortunately, many of their skills cause them to stand still most of the time, leaving them vulnerable to enemy attacks..

Having some of the highest damaging skills in the game, an Elementalist can create a big impact on the battlefield.

----Mystic---- Aka. Force User
Able to control the force of gravity and the power of the cosmos, Mystics can create black holes from thin air and crush their enemies with a single wave of their hand or launch beams of pure energy. Filled with many skills to aid in the success of the battle, such as Time Stop and Force Mirror, a Mystic always tries to exploit the enemy open to attacks. Although they can cast a variety of battle-controlling skills, they do not have many offensive skills. Unlike the Elementalist, some of the Mystic's skills must be activated by a specific weapon. These can either be the Orb or Puppet.

Having the ability to slow or even stop time itself, Mystics can change the tide of battle within seconds.


Seleana: Pyromancer
Specializes in Fire magic.

Required Skills: Priority to Max
Sorceress Skills: All passive and buffs. Ice Cone, Flame Bug
Elemental Lord Skills: All passive(Priority Flame Flare) and buffs. Fireball, Inferno, Fire Trace, Fire wall, Phoenix. Ultimate"Flame Storm"

Elestra: Ice Witch
Specializes in Ice magic.

Required Skill: Priority to Max
Sorceress Skills: All passive and buffs. Ice Cone
Elemental Lord Skills: All passive(Priority Frost Wind) and buffs. Ice Blade, Ice Thorn, Frost, Icre Fog. Ultimate"Blizzard"


War Mage: Smasher
Specializes in laser attacks and raw damage output.

Required Skills: Priority to Max.
Sorceress Skills: All passive and buffs. Ice Cone, Shockwave
Force User Skills: All passive and buffs. Intensive Laser, Energy Reflex, Light Rain, Temporal Chaib. Ultimate"Dispel"

Chaos Mage: Majestic
Specializes in gravity attacks and gains more control and debuff abilities.

Required Skills: Priority to Max.
Sorceress Skills: All passive and buffs. Ice Cone, Shockwave, Force Explosion
Force User Skills: All passive and buffs. Gravity Orb, Dark temple, Black Hole, Rising Gravity, Teleport. Ultimate"Meteor Rain"

Those are the skill guide for Sorceress. Note: Its only lvl 40, I suggest maximize the lvl of the skill metion above. I put other skill for combo in pvp. If any question just comment, i try my best to answer it.

Submitted by: Christopher Valencia

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