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DN M Guide: Academic Skill Guide To Build A ENGINEER

The Academic

A tinker can do a little bit of everything, making her excellent on her own or as part of a party. She uses missiles and rockets for good ol' fashion damage, chemical attacks to cripple enemies, and her robot bodyguard to lay on the hurt!


Academics use a variety of attacks that hit a wide area from mid- to long-range
Academics are flexible heroes with skills to deal damage, heal, and defend their allies
Their low Strength and Vitality are offset by strong Agility and Intellect

"At level 15, the Academic can choose to become an Engineer and dominate the battlefield with an array of advanced robots and gadgetry. She'll also have a vast arsenal of rockets, turrets, and robots at her fingertips."


The Gear Master specializes in the use of robotic manipulation and the Mechanic Mode empowering all Quackum abilities.

Required Skills: Priority to Max
Academic Skills: All passive and buff. Alfredo, Stun Grenade
Engineer Skillls: All passive(Priority are Quackum Blast, Quackum Whisker), Quackum Duck, Gear Turrent. Ultimate"Horizon" NOTE: If you want to take the Whirlwind skill of Alfredo, dont take Stun grenade and switch it to Whirlwind.

Shooting Star
The Shooting Star specializes in the Lock And Load ability gaining bonuses to all cannon based abilities.

Required Skills: Priority to Max.
Academic Skills: All passive and buffs. Alfredo, Stun Grenade, Force Out.
Engineer Skills: All passive and buffs. Penetration Damage, Blasting Charge, Brain Wave, Chemical Missle., Chemical Grenade. Ultimate" Ruin"

I hope this help. Video Comment below to be follow. Down below, question are welcome just comment down.

Ladder Highest Win rate by percent(approximation lvl 45 to 50 only)
Gear Master: 65%
Shooting Star: 80%
Adept: 85%
Physician: 75%

Adept and Physician Skill build soon.

Submitted by: Christopher Valencia

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