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DN M Events: Weekend Party - Group Horse Racing

When I'm about the sleep, I check my account first to some things that I forgot to do. But as I checked, all are done and this pop-up to my screen. I still don't know that much yet about Weekend Party. So I give it a try.

This is what I want Dragon Nest M - SEA doing. They made a lot of events that players can do in-game. We are not only fighting, clearing dungeon, PvP, GvG (PvE). We can also do cooking, fishing and this one, new for me, Horse Racing.

Also has interesting goodies you can get:
  • Some Dragon Coin
  • Fairy Ascension Potion
  • Hero Trial Coupon Pack
  • Weekend Party Winner Chest
So, when it comes to goodies, as long as I can get some in DN M, I will take it. Then I give it a shot.

It is my first time to try DN M - Horse Racing event and I won 1st placed. Lol, it does a bit difficult to ride and solving the obstacles. Puzzling up, I did managed to find a way to skipping Minotaur and Orgs.

There are gift along the way to get a skill and trow it out to the enemy or a skill to make your ride faster. With our personal gaming instincts and to react faster, you can win this event too. Really nice and fun. I won at 1st placed and got all of the prizes.

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